Low back pain

This is common and it can be scary when it happens, often assuming the worst! We will assess you and allay your fears.

Our Chiropractors will carry out a full chiropractic, neurological and orthopaedic assessment.

They may even send you for an xray.

They will take the time to find the cause of your pain.

Joint Dysfunction

If a joint doesn’t move through its full range of motion, it can get “stuck”. This can be one of the causes of your back pain. Chiropractic adjustments restore the normal range of motion to the joint, allowing the structures around it to relax thus relieving the pain.

Nerve Irritation

Sometimes that joint that isn’t working correctly presses on a nerve. That can cause a “pinching” sensation or can cause “sciatica”. Chiropractic will find the cause of your nerve irritation or your sciatica and restore normal movement to the joints, thereby relieving the pressure on the nerve.

Muscle Strains

Can happen when the joints don’t move through their full range of motion or you could have an underlying pelvic rotation or even a scoliosis (S shape of your spine). Chiropractic helps muscle strains by correcting the underlying joint dysfunction to ease the tension in the surrounding muscles.


Also known as “wear and tear”. Not just an “old” persons problem. Degenerative changes can occur to joints in your lower back from all sorts of reasons such as trauma, old sporting injuries, repetitive positions putting uneven strains on the joints. This is the most common chronic condition of the joints. Chiropractic adjustments will not reverse the damage that has already occurred, but will help keep the joints moving better and endeavour to prevent further degeneration of those joints.


This is when one vertebra slides forwards on top of the other. There are a lot of causes of why this happens. It can cause lower back pain of varying degrees which can be helped by Chiropractic.

Disc Bulge

A more alarming cause of low back pain which can be caused by a sudden forceful injury or a slow progression of poor repetitive habits that slowly wear the disc down over time. By correcting your underlying joint dysfunction Chiropractic can bring relief to disc bulges.